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Ground Elements

Ground Elements

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n. sand

Definition of sand in English

Very fine, loose, mineral grains of weathered rock that accumulate on an area of land, such as deserts and beaches.

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n. soil

Definition of soil in English

Crumbly substance composed of minerals and other organic matter that forms the upper layer of the natural ground.

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n. gravel

Definition of gravel in English

Collection of small stones that are a result of natural or artificial rock fragmentation.

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n. mud

Definition of mud in English

Semiliquid matter, resulting from soil mixing with water.

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n. puddle

Definition of puddle in English

Small build-up of water or other liquid on a surface.

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n. grass

Definition of grass in English

Plant with soft, green stems that perish after seeding.

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n. lawn

Definition of lawn in English

Area of short, fine-leaved, compact grass that forms a dense covering on the ground.

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n. leaf fall

Definition of leaf fall in English

Leaves that have fallen from trees or plants, which accumulate to cover the ground.

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n. stone

Definition of stone in English

Hard, compact, solid material made up of different minerals found within the soil.

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n. pebble

Definition of pebble in English

Rock fragment made smooth by the erosion of water currents.