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noun hair

Translation: pelo

Definition of hair in English

Set of filaments that grow on a person’s head.

Definition of hair in Spanish

Conjunto de filamentos que crecen en la cabeza de una persona.

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noun beard

Translation: barba

Definition of beard in English

Facial hair that grows on the cheeks and around the mouth of adult men.

Definition of beard in Spanish

Vello facial que desarrollan los hombres adultos en los carrillos y alrededor de la boca.

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noun moustache

Translation: bigote

Definition of moustache in English

Facial hair that is located on the upper lip.

Definition of moustache in Spanish

Vello facial situado entre la boca y la nariz.

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adjective bald

Translation: calvo

Definition of bald in English

Lacking hair.

Definition of bald in Spanish

Que carece de pelo.

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adjective short

Translation: corto

Definition of short in English

Of reduced length.

Definition of short in Spanish

De poca longitud.

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adjective long

Translation: largo

Definition of long in English

Of great length.

Definition of long in Spanish

De gran longitud.

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adjective straight

Translation: liso

Definition of straight in English

Of hair, lacking waves and curls.

Definition of straight in Spanish

En relación con el pelo: Que carece de curvas y rizos.

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adjective wavy

Translation: ondulado

Definition of wavy in English

Of hair, forming undulating curves.

Definition of wavy in Spanish

En relación con el pelo: Que describe curvas en zigzag.

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adjective curly

Translation: rizado

Definition of curly in English

Of hair, forming loops along its length.

Definition of curly in Spanish

En relación con el pelo: Que describe vueltas completas en toda su longitud.