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Historical Constructions I

Historical Constructions I

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n. cromlech

Definition of cromlech in English

Megalithic monument consisting of a set of menhirs or dolmens arranged in a circle or ellipse.

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n. dolmen

Definition of dolmen in English

Megalithic monument comprised of two or more large stones that support a flat, horizontal one.

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n. menhir

Definition of menhir in English

Megalithic monument that consists of a large, vertical block of stone.

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n. moai

Definition of moai in English

Monolithic humanoid sculpture located on Easter Island alongside others of the same type.

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n. sphinx

Definition of sphinx in English

Statue that represents the mythological creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion, traditional of Ancient Egypt.

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n. totem pole

Definition of totem pole in English

Monumental sculpture in the form of a pillar that depicts natural objects, animals, or people, traditional of the Native American tribes of northwestern North America.

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n. amphitheater

Definition of amphitheater in English

Building, circular or elliptical in shape, that is uncovered and has tiered seats around a central arena, which housed spectacles in ancient Rome.

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n. column

Definition of column in English

Vertical architectural element that is used as a support for buildings, sometimes decorative, and typically comprised of a base, a shaft, and a capital.

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n. shaft

Definition of shaft in English

Main part of a column, located between the capital and the base.

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n. capital

Definition of capital in English

Top part of a column, designed to support the weight of another structural element.

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n. base

Definition of base in English

Bottom part of a column, which supports the shaft.