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Ice Rink Objects

Ice Rink Objects
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noun ice skate

Translation: patín de hielo

Definition of ice skate in English

Boot with a blade attached to the sole, designed to slide the user across the ice, used in ice skating and various sports.

Definition of ice skate in Spanish

Patín para practicar deportes sobre hielo que dispone de una cuchilla anclada a la suela de la bota.

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noun blade

Translation: cuchilla de patín

Definition of blade in English

Thin piece of metal that is attached to the sole of an ice skate, which comes into contact with the ice and allows the user to glide.

Definition of blade in Spanish

Pieza fina de metal que se ancla a la bota de un patín de hielo y sirve para deslizarse.

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noun equipment

Translation: equipación

Definition of equipment in English

Clothing and accessories that are used to peform a sporting activity.

Definition of equipment in Spanish

Indumentaria y accesorios para realizar una actividad deportiva.

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noun stick

Translation: palo

Definition of stick in English

Long, flat club that is curved at one end, which is used to hit a ball or puck in some sports.

Definition of stick in Spanish

Bastón largo, plano y con un extremo curvo que se utiliza para golpear una pelota o disco, utilizado en algunos deportes.

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noun puck

Translation: disco

Definition of puck in English

Small disk that is to be hit with a stick into the opposing goal in the sport of ice hockey.

Definition of puck in Spanish

Cilindro aplanado que se golpea con el palo para intentar introducirlo en la portería del equipo contrario en el hockey sobre hielo.

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noun helmet

Translation: casco

Definition of helmet in English

Garment of resistant material that protects the head, and sometimes the face, from possible impacts.

Definition of helmet in Spanish

Prenda que protege la cabeza, y en ocasiones la cara, de posibles impactos, fabricada con un material resistente.

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noun face guard

Translation: máscara

Definition of face guard in English

Garment made of resistant material that covers the face to protect it from possible impacts.

Definition of face guard in Spanish

Máscara que protege el rostro de posibles impactos, fabricada con un material resistente.

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noun curling broom

Translation: escoba de curling

Definition of curling broom in English

Broom that is used in the sport of curling, with which players slide stones across the ice.

Definition of curling broom in Spanish

Escoba con la que se frota el hielo en los partidos de curling para regular la velocidad y dirección de la piedra durante su recorrido.

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noun curling stone

Translation: piedra de curling

Definition of curling stone in English

Granite stone that weights 20 kg (44 lb), which is slid over the ice towards the target in the sport of curling.

Definition of curling stone in Spanish

Piedra de granito, de 20 kg (44 lb), que se lanza y desliza por el hielo con el fin de alcanzar una diana en los partidos de curling.