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In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen
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noun refrigerator

Translation: nevera

Definition of refrigerator in English

Electrical appliance that is thermally insulated in order to conserve foods at a low temperature.

Definition of refrigerator in Spanish

Electrodoméstico, aislado térmicamente, para conservar alimentos a baja temperatura.

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noun dishwasher

Translation: lavavajillas

Definition of dishwasher in English

Electrical appliance that is used to wash kitchenware.

Definition of dishwasher in Spanish

Electrodoméstico para lavar los utensilios de cocina.

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noun stove

Translation: cocina

Definition of stove in English

Electrical appliance that is used to prepare food with heat, consisting of a top with burners and an oven underneath.

Definition of stove in Spanish

Electrodoméstico para preparar alimentos utilizando calor, provisto de fuegos de temperatura regulable y de horno.

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noun oven

Translation: horno

Definition of oven in English

Thermally-insulated chamber in which food is cooked at adjustable temperatures.

Definition of oven in Spanish

Cámara aislada térmicamente para calentar y asar alimentos a temperaturas regulables.

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noun microwave

Translation: microondas

Definition of microwave in English

Electrical appliance that is used to heat food quickly using electromagnetic waves.

Definition of microwave in Spanish

Electrodoméstico para calentar alimentos de forma rápida mediante ondas electromagnéticas.

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noun washing machine

Translation: lavadora

Definition of washing machine in English

Electrical appliance that is used to wash garments and linen.

Definition of washing machine in Spanish

Electrodoméstico para lavar tejidos, especialmente prendas de vestir.

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noun dryer

Translation: secadora

Definition of dryer in English

Household appliance that is used to dry laundry.

Definition of dryer in Spanish

Electrodoméstico para secar los tejidos tras el lavado.

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noun sink

Translation: fregadero

Definition of sink in English

Container with a tap and drain in which to wash food and dishes, typically located in the kitchen.

Definition of sink in Spanish

Recipiente, con grifo y desagüe, en el que se lavan los alimentos y los cacharros, generalmente instalado en la cocina.

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noun countertop

Translation: encimera

Definition of countertop in English

Flat, resistant surface on which to perform cooking-related tasks, typically located near the sink or stove.

Definition of countertop in Spanish

Superficie plana y resistente para realizar tareas relacionadas con el cocinado, generalmente situada en torno a la pila y a la cocina.

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noun cupboard

Translation: armario

Definition of cupboard in English

Piece of furniture that is located in the kitchen, used to store dishware, utensils, or food.

Definition of cupboard in Spanish

Mueble con puertas que se coloca en la cocina para guardar utensilios, recipientes o alimentos.