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noun transmission tower

Translation: torre eléctrica

Definition of transmission tower in English

Tall structure that supports the cables of an electricity grid, typically made of steel lattice.

Definition of transmission tower in Spanish

Estructura vertical de gran altura que sostiene los cables del tendido eléctrico, generalmente construida con un entramado de acero.

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noun electrical grid

Translation: tendido eléctrico

Definition of electrical grid in English

Cable system supported by towers, which transports electrical energy from power plants to consumers.

Definition of electrical grid in Spanish

Sistema de cables sostenidos por torres para transportar energía eléctrica desde las centrales hasta los puntos de consumo.

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noun wind turbine

Translation: molino eólico

Definition of wind turbine in English

Construction of great height with rotary blades that harness the wind's kinetic energy and convert it into electrical energy.

Definition of wind turbine in Spanish

Construcción de gran altura con una hélice para transformar la fuerza del viento en energía eléctrica.

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noun dam

Translation: presa

Definition of dam in English

Wall that is built in a river to store water or regulate the flow.

Definition of dam in Spanish

Muro que se construye en ríos para almacenar el agua o regular el cauce.

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noun shipyard

Translation: astillero

Definition of shipyard in English

Place where boats are built or repaired.

Definition of shipyard in Spanish

Lugar destinado a la construcción y reparación de embarcaciones.

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noun sewer

Translation: cloaca

Definition of sewer in English

Large underground duct built to convey sewage to a treatment site.

Definition of sewer in Spanish

Conducto subterráneo de gran tamaño construido para la canalización de aguas residuales hasta su lugar de tratamiento.

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noun landfill

Translation: vertedero

Definition of landfill in English

Large area where waste is deposited.

Definition of landfill in Spanish

Área de gran tamaño destinada al depósito de desechos.