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Land Vehicles I

Land Vehicles I

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n. car

Definition of car in English

Motorised land vehicle, typically with four wheels, that has the capacity to transport up to nine people.

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n. patrol car

Definition of patrol car in English

Car designed to transport police officers during patrols and when responding to emergency calls.

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n. cab

Definition of cab in English

Car operated by a professional driver in which passengers are taken to their destination in exchange for a fare.

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n. off-road vehicle

Definition of off-road vehicle in English

Automobile equipped with traction power in all four wheels to enable it to drive on unpaved and irregular surfaces.

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n. pickup truck

Definition of pickup truck in English

Automobile which consists of a cabin and an open cargo bed at the back.

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n. minivan

Definition of minivan in English

Automobile designed to provide as much space as possible, integrating the seats and boot into the same area.

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n. limousine

Definition of limousine in English

Long, luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur, intended for passenger transport or for recreational purposes.

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n. hearse

Definition of hearse in English

Automobile designed to carry the coffin of the deceased to the burial ground or crematory.