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Meteorological Phenomena II

Meteorological Phenomena II

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n. vapor

Definition of vapor in English

Gas into which a liquid is converted when subjected to near-boiling point temperatures.

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n. mist

Definition of mist in English

Vapour that is released by matter with a temperature and humidity higher than that of its environment.

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n. breeze

Definition of breeze in English

Gentle and pleasant wind.

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n. wind

Definition of wind in English

Current of air that arises due to changes in atmospheric temperature or pressure.

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n. blizzard

Definition of blizzard in English

Severe snowstorm characterised by strong winds.

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n. swirl

Definition of swirl in English

Light current of air or water that moves in a spiral pattern.

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n. turbulence

Definition of turbulence in English

Current of air that moves in a chaotic fashion, forming a vortex.

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n. haze

Definition of haze in English

Low-lying cloudlike formation made up of dust and sand that does not affect visibility.

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n. mirage

Definition of mirage in English

Optical illusion in which distant objects appear to be reflected in an imaginary pool of water.

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n. dew

Definition of dew in English

Small water droplets that form first thing in the morning on plants and the ground after moisture in the air has condensed during the night.

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n. frost

Definition of frost in English

Layer of small ice crystals that forms on outdoor surfaces when dewdrops freeze.

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n. icicle

Definition of icicle in English

Pointed, cone-shaped structure of ice that forms when dripping water gradually freezes.

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n. snowflake

Definition of snowflake in English

Small, light fragment of crytallised water that forms in freezing conditions and falls from clouds when it snows.