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Miscellaneous Sportspeople

Miscellaneous Sportspeople

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n. chess player

Definition of chess player in English

Person who plays chess.

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n. skier

Definition of skier in English

Person who skis.

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n. ice skater

Definition of ice skater in English

Person who practises ice skating.

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n. bullfighter

Definition of bullfighter in English

Person who performs the spectacle of bullfighting.

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n. race car driver

Definition of race car driver in English

Person who drives race vehicles in motorsports.

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n. parachutist

Definition of parachutist in English

Person who practises the extreme sport of skydiving.

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n. fisher

Definition of fisher in English

Person who hunts fish for commercial or recreational purposes.

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n. hunter

Definition of hunter in English

Person who chases and kills wild animals for commercial or recreational purposes.

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n. horse rider

Definition of horse rider in English

Person who rides a horse.

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n. jockey

Definition of jockey in English

Sportsperson who competes in horse races.