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Natural Disasters II

Natural Disasters II

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n. avalanche

Definition of avalanche in English

Mass of snow that becomes unstable and suddenly falls down a mountain slope due to a lack of cohesion between the layers of snow.

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n. landslide

Definition of landslide in English

Mass of earth that breaks away from a cliff and falls down a slope due to a lack of stability within the rock.

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n. rockfall

Definition of rockfall in English

Mass of rock that becomes unstable and suddenly falls down a slope due to a lack of grip.

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n. earthquake

Definition of earthquake in English

Sudden, intense, but brief seismic movement that has its epicentre on solid ground.

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n. volcanic eruption

Definition of volcanic eruption in English

Sudden and abrupt superficial discharge of magmatic material through cracks in the Earth's crust.

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n. fire

Definition of fire in English

Large combustion that is destructive and uncontrolled.

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n. tornado

Definition of tornado in English

Columnar vortex of rapidly rotating winds that moves at great speed along the surface fo the earth, often causing destruction.

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n. waterspout

Definition of waterspout in English

Tornado that occurs over a body of water.