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Natural Disasters II

Natural Disasters II
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noun avalanche

Translation: avalancha

Definition of avalanche in English

Mass of snow that becomes unstable and suddenly falls down a mountain slope due to a lack of cohesion between the layers of snow.

Definition of avalanche in Spanish

Masa de nieve que se desestabiliza y cae súbitamente por una pendiente montañosa debido a la falta de homogeneidad entre sus capas.

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noun landslide

Translation: deslizamiento de tierra

Definition of landslide in English

Mass of earth that breaks away from a cliff and falls down a slope due to a lack of stability within the rock.

Definition of landslide in Spanish

Masa de terreno que se desprende y desplaza por una pendiente debido a la falta de estabilidad de un talud.

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noun rockfall

Translation: desprendimiento

Definition of rockfall in English

Mass of rock that becomes unstable and suddenly falls down a slope due to a lack of grip.

Definition of rockfall in Spanish

Masa de terreno de pequeñas dimensiones que se desestabiliza y cae por una pendiente debido a una falta de sujeción.

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noun earthquake

Translation: terremoto

Definition of earthquake in English

Sudden, intense, but brief seismic movement that has its epicentre on solid ground.

Definition of earthquake in Spanish

Movimiento sísmico repentino, intenso y transitorio que tiene su epicentro en tierra firme.

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noun volcanic eruption

Translation: erupción volcánica

Definition of volcanic eruption in English

Sudden and abrupt superficial discharge of magmatic material through cracks in the Earth's crust.

Definition of volcanic eruption in Spanish

Emisión brusca y repentina de material magmático a la superficie terrestre a través de grietas en su corteza.

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noun conflagration

Translation: incendio

Definition of conflagration in English

Large combustion that is destructive and uncontrolled.

Definition of conflagration in Spanish

Fuego de grandes dimensiones, destructivo e incontrolado.

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noun tornado

Translation: tornado

Definition of tornado in English

Columnar vortex of rapidly rotating winds that moves at great speed along the surface fo the earth, often causing destruction.

Definition of tornado in Spanish

Torbellino intenso con forma de embudo que se desplaza a gran velocidad sobre la superficie terrestre, pudiendo causar destrozos a su paso.

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noun waterspout

Translation: tromba marina

Definition of waterspout in English

Tornado that occurs over a body of water.

Definition of waterspout in Spanish

Tornado sobre una masa de agua líquida.