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Occult Objects II

Occult Objects II

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n. potion

Definition of potion in English

Drink with healing, venomous or magic properties.

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n. elixir

Definition of elixir in English

Magical potion that has beneficial properties.

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n. ouija

Definition of ouija in English

Board with written letters over which users slide an object to communicate with spirits of the dead or other supernatural beings.

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n. crystal ball

Definition of crystal ball in English

Sphere of glass or crystalline solid that is used in divination.

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n. oil lamp

Definition of oil lamp in English

Lighting device consisting of a vessel that contains oil-based fuel, which is ignited directly or with a wick.

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n. altar

Definition of altar in English

Structure on which religious rituals are performed, typically located in places of worship.

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n. voodoo doll

Definition of voodoo doll in English

In popular culture, a small effigy created to represent a person to whom, though certain occult acts and rituals, harm is intended.