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noun shoelace

Translation: cordón

Definition of shoelace in English

Thin string used to tie a shoe.

Definition of shoelace in Spanish

Cuerda fina para atar un zapato.

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noun capote

Translation: capote

Definition of capote in English

Cape, typically red, designed for use in bullfighting.

Definition of capote in Spanish

Capa, generalmente roja, diseñada para torear.

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noun apron

Translation: delantal

Definition of apron in English

Garment designed to protect clothing during certain tasks, comprised of a piece of fabric that covers the front part of the body, tied at the neck and shoulders and typically behind the back.

Definition of apron in Spanish

Prenda para proteger la ropa en determinadas tareas, formada por una pieza de tejido que se coloca sobre la parte frontal del cuerpo, se sujeta al cuello o los hombros y generalmente se ata a la espalda.

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noun patch

Translation: parche

Definition of patch in English

Piece of fabric that adheres to a garment to hide an imperfection or as decoration.

Definition of patch in Spanish

Pieza de tela que se adhiere a una prenda para ocultar una imperfección o como adorno.

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noun elbow patch

Translation: codera

Definition of elbow patch in English

Patch that covers the elbow area of a jacket.

Definition of elbow patch in Spanish

Parche que cubre la parte del codo de un chaqueta.

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noun knee patch

Translation: rodillera

Definition of knee patch in English

Patch that covers the knee area of a pair of pants.

Definition of knee patch in Spanish

Parche que cubre la parte de la rodilla de un pantalón.

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noun zipper

Translation: cremallera

Definition of zipper in English

Mechanism consisting of two toothed strips and a piece that opens and closes them when sliding along them.

Definition of zipper in Spanish

Mecanismo que consta de dos tiras dentadas y una pieza que las encaja y desencaja al deslizarse sobre ellas.

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noun shoe tree

Translation: pernito

Definition of shoe tree in English

Apparatus that fits inside a shoe, used to retain its shape.

Definition of shoe tree in Spanish

Aparato que se ajusta al interior del calzado para evitar que se deforme.