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Parts of Chain Armour

Parts of Chain Armour

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n. breeches

Definition of breeches in English

Cloth garment that extends from the waist to the knees, used by men during the Middle Ages as an article of clothing or as part of a military uniform.

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n. hose

Definition of hose in English

Cloth garment consisting of two stockings that extend from the feet to the waist or knees, in which case they are held up by garters.

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n. gambeson

Definition of gambeson in English

Padded cloth garment that covers the wearer's upper body and is worn under armour to cushion blows.

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n. mob cap

Definition of mob cap in English

Padded cloth garment that covers the head and is worn as cushion under the battle helmet.

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n. mail

Definition of mail in English

Metallic garment consisting of small rings linked together in the shape of a shirt, used as armour.

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n. aventail

Definition of aventail in English

Metallic garment consisting of linked rings that covers the head and shoulders, leaving the face exposed.

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n. bascinet

Definition of bascinet in English

Pointed metal helmet that covers the ears and neck and is often equipped with a visor or a protective nasal strip, charactersitic of the Middle Ages.

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n. brigandine

Definition of brigandine in English

Garment made of leather or canvas and reinforced with iron plates to form a breastplate and cover the torso.

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n. surcoat

Definition of surcoat in English

Cloth garment consisting of a sleeveless tunic emblazoned with pleasing colours and coats of arms that is worn over armour.

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n. baldric

Definition of baldric in English

Leather belt worn over the shoulder to carry swords or other bladed weapons.