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Parts of Furniture

Parts of Furniture
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noun backrest

Translation: respaldo

Definition of backrest in English

Vertical part of a seat that supports the back.

Definition of backrest in Spanish

Elemento vertical del asiento que sirve de apoyo para la espalda.

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noun wing

Translation: oreja

Definition of wing in English

Rounded, lateral protrusion of the backrest of some armchairs, which is designed to rest the head.

Definition of wing in Spanish

Elemento de algunos sillones, diseñado para reposar la cabeza, vertical y redondeado, que se encuentra en la parte superior de los laterales del respaldo.

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noun armrest

Translation: brazo

Definition of armrest in English

Lateral, horizontal part of a seat that supports the arm.

Definition of armrest in Spanish

Elemento horizontal del asiento que sirve de apoyo para la parte del cuerpo del mismo nombre.

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noun leg

Translation: pata

Definition of leg in English

Vertical, structural element that provides support.

Definition of leg in Spanish

Elemento estructural vertical que sirve como apoyo.

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noun seat

Translation: asiento

Definition of seat in English

Object or place that is designed for a person to sit down.

Definition of seat in Spanish

Objeto o lugar diseñado para que una persona se siente.

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noun door

Translation: puerta

Definition of door in English

Structure that opens or closes, regulating access to a space.

Definition of door in Spanish

Estructura diseñada para cerrar y abrir el acceso a un espacio.

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noun pull handle

Translation: tirador

Definition of pull handle in English

Door handle that has a stationary grip, which is pulled or pushed in order to open or close the door.

Definition of pull handle in Spanish

Elemento prominente anclado a una puerta, que facilita atraerla y empujarla para su apertura y cierre.

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noun shelf

Translation: estante

Definition of shelf in English

Flat, horizontal object that is fixed to a vertical surface, on which to arrange things.

Definition of shelf in Spanish

Pieza plana y horizontal para colocar cosas, sujeta a una superficie vertical.

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noun foot

Translation: pie

Definition of foot in English

Basal, structural element that provides support.

Definition of foot in Spanish

Elemento estructural horizontal que sirve como apoyo.

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noun drawer

Translation: cajón

Definition of drawer in English

Container that is manually drawn out or inserted into a cabinet with a sliding, horizontal motion.

Definition of drawer in Spanish

Compartimento de almacenaje situado dentro un mueble, que se saca y se mete deslizándolo.