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People in Transportation I

People in Transportation I
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noun pilot

Translation: piloto

Definition of pilot in English

Person who is in control of and flies an aircraft.

Definition of pilot in Spanish

Persona que está al mando de una aeronave y se encarga de pilotarla.

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noun captain

Translation: capitán

Definition of captain in English

Person who conducts a water vessel or aircraft.

Definition of captain in Spanish

Persona que dirige una embarcación o aeronave.

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noun flight attendant

Translation: azafato

Definition of flight attendant in English

Person who attends the needs of passengers onboard a commercial flight.

Definition of flight attendant in Spanish

Persona que atiende a los pasajeros a bordo de un avión.

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noun crew

Translation: tripulación

Definition of crew in English

Group of people who operate and maintain an aircraft or vessel.

Definition of crew in Spanish

Grupo de profesionales que dirigen y prestan servicios en una aeronave o embarcación.

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noun passengers

Translation: pasaje

Definition of passengers in English

Group of people who travel in a means of transport.

Definition of passengers in Spanish

Conjunto de personas que viajan en un medio de transporte.

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noun stowaway

Translation: polizón

Definition of stowaway in English

Person who hides onboard a vessel, aircraft or other vehicle in order to travel without paying or being seen.

Definition of stowaway in Spanish

Persona que se oculta bordo de una aeronave, embarcación u otro vehículo semejante a fin de viajar sin pagar o sin ser visto.

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noun sailor

Translation: marinero

Definition of sailor in English

Person who works on a vessel as part of the crew and is responsible for its operation and maintenance.

Definition of sailor in Spanish

Persona que trabaja en una embarcación como parte de la tripulación y se encarga de su funcionamiento y mantenimiento.

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noun air traffic controller

Translation: controlador aéreo

Definition of air traffic controller in English

Person who is in charge of managing the safe and orderly flow of aircrafts by giving instructions to the cockpit from the ground.

Definition of air traffic controller in Spanish

Persona que, desde tierra, controla que la circulación de aeronaves sea segura mediante indicaciones a las respectivas cabinas de mando.