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People in the Neighbourhood I

People in the Neighbourhood I

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n. concierge

Definition of concierge in English

Person who watches over, cleans, and maintains a building.

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n. doorman

Definition of doorman in English

Person who guards, maintains and sometimes cleans a residential building, in addition to attending to residents' requests.

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n. janitor

Definition of janitor in English

Person who maintains, cleans and guards a large building or public establishment, such as a school.

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n. mailman

Definition of mailman in English

Person who collects and delivers letters, packages and other correspondence.

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n. police officer

Definition of police officer in English

Person whose occupation is to maintain public safety and compliance with the law as a member of a state institution.

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n. firefighter

Definition of firefighter in English

Person whose occupation if to extinguish and prevent fires.

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n. street sweeper

Definition of street sweeper in English

Person who keeps the streets clean, usually by sweeping.

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n. garbage man

Definition of garbage man in English

Person who collects and disposes of waste.