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n. place

Definition of place in English

Spatial setting or specific area.

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n. world

Definition of world in English

Entirety of existence.

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n. continent

Definition of continent in English

Large expanse of land that is separated from the others by oceans or other geographical features.

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n. country

Definition of country in English

Delimited territory that is recognized as a sovereign unit and has its own governing bodies.

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n. island

Definition of island in English

Expanse of land that is surrounded by water, of smaller size than a continent.

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n. coast

Definition of coast in English

Strip of land that borders the sea or a vast body of water.

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n. interior

Definition of interior in English

Territory without a coastline.

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n. city

Definition of city in English

Large urban settlement that has streets and buildings, designed to accomodate a dense population.

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n. town

Definition of town in English

Urban settlement that is smaller than a city.

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n. village

Definition of village in English

Rural settlement of small size, larger than a hamlet.

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n. neighborhood

Definition of neighborhood in English

Each of the parts into which a city, town, or district is divided.