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Polar Animals

Polar Animals

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n. polar bear

Definition of polar bear in English

Carnivorous bear of large size that has thick white fur, endemic to the Arctic Circle.

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n. penguin

Definition of penguin in English

Flightless aquatic bird that is carnivorous and measures between 30 and 110 cm (1 ft -3 ft 7 in) in height, which has webbed feet and black plumage with a white belly, endemic to the Southen Hemisphere.

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n. seal

Definition of seal in English

Pinniped, between 2 and 5 m long, with short fur and flippers, which lacks external ears and spends most of its time in the water.

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n. walrus

Definition of walrus in English

Pinniped of large size, between 3 and 4 m in length, with short fur, flippers, and two large tusks, which lacks external ears and is native to the Arctic.

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n. narwhal

Definition of narwhal in English

Carnivorous toothed cetacean of medium size, approximately 5 m in length, that is gray in colour with dark dorsal spots, and whose male has a long spiral tusk protruding from its upper jaw, native to the Arctic.

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n. beluga

Definition of beluga in English

Carnivorous toothed cetacean of medium size, between 3 and 5.5 m in length, that has white skin, a large head, and emits high-pitched calls for echolocation,native to the Arctic.

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n. killer whale

Definition of killer whale in English

Cetacean alpha predator, toothed and of medium size, between 5 and 9 m long, that has a black dorsum with two white marks and a white underside, and uses echolocation to sense its surroundings.