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Professions II

Professions II

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n. player

Definition of player in English

Person who participates in a game.

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n. sportsperson

Definition of sportsperson in English

Person who practises a certain sport.

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n. soccer player

Definition of soccer player in English

Sportsperson who plays football.

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n. basketball player

Definition of basketball player in English

Sportsperson who plays basketball.

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n. tennis player

Definition of tennis player in English

Sportsperson who plays tennis.

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n. driver

Definition of driver in English

Person who is in control of a motor vehicle and its course of travel.

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n. writer

Definition of writer in English

Person whose occupation is writing.

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n. hairdresser

Definition of hairdresser in English

Person whose occupation is to cut and style hair.

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n. architect

Definition of architect in English

Person who designs buildings and often supervises their construction, or who is trained to do so.

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n. reporter

Definition of reporter in English

Journalist who researches, gathers and communicates information, usually through primary sources such as conducting interviews or attendance at news conferences and events.