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Professions Involving Animals I

Professions Involving Animals I
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noun farmer

Translation: granjero

Definition of farmer in English

Person who owns a farm or is in charge of cultivating and maintaining its crops and animals.

Definition of farmer in Spanish

Persona que posee una granja o que se encarga de cuidar y mantener los cultivos y animales que hay en ella.

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noun stockbreeder

Translation: ganadero

Definition of stockbreeder in English

Person who breeds and cares for livestock.

Definition of stockbreeder in Spanish

Persona que cría y cuida ganado.

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noun shepherd

Translation: pastor

Definition of shepherd in English

Person who herds and looks after flocks of animals, especially sheep.

Definition of shepherd in Spanish

Persona que guía y cuida rebaños de animales, especialmente de ovejas.

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noun beekeeper

Translation: apicultor

Definition of beekeeper in English

Person who keeps and cares for bees.

Definition of beekeeper in Spanish

Persona que cría y cuida abejas.

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noun cowboy

Translation: vaquero

Definition of cowboy in English

Person who herds and looks after cattle, traditionally on horseback, on ranches in North America.

Definition of cowboy in Spanish

Persona que guía y cuida ganado, tradicionalmente montando a caballo y en especial en el oeste de Estados Unidos.

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noun veterinarian

Translation: veterinario

Definition of veterinarian in English

Person whose occupation is to treat injury and illness in animals, or who is qualified to do so.

Definition of veterinarian in Spanish

Persona que se dedica a tratar lesiones y enfermedades sufridas por animales, o que está capacitada para ello.