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Reflexive Actions II

Reflexive Actions II
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verb relax

Translation: relajar

Definition of relax in English

To bring to a state of mental and physical ease.

Definition of relax in Spanish

Llevar a un estado de distensión física y mental.

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verb wash up

Translation: lavar

Definition of wash up in English

To clean the hands and face with water and typically soap.

Definition of wash up in Spanish

Limpiarse las manos y la cara con agua, generalmente utilizando jabón.

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verb bathe

Translation: bañar

Definition of bathe in English

To wash the body by submerging it in water, especially in a bathroom fixture designed for this.

Definition of bathe in Spanish

Lavar sumergiendo en agua, especialmente en el sanitario diseñado para ello.

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verb shower

Translation: duchar

Definition of shower in English

To wash the body with a spray of water, especially in a bathroom fixture equipped with a shower head.

Definition of shower in Spanish

Lavar con una proyección de agua, especialmente en un sanitario provisto de alcachofa.

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verb shave

Translation: afeitar

Definition of shave in English

To cut hair level with the skin using a razor blade.

Definition of shave in Spanish

Cortar el pelo a ras de piel con una cuchilla.

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verb put on makeup

Translation: maquillar

Definition of put on makeup in English

To apply cosmetic products, typically to the face, in order to modify the appearance.

Definition of put on makeup in Spanish

Aplicar productos cosméticos, generalmente al rostro, para modificar el aspecto.

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verb get ready

Translation: arreglar

Definition of get ready in English

To clean, groom, and dress oneself appropriately for a social setting.

Definition of get ready in Spanish

Asearse, peinarse y vestirse de forma apropiada para una situación social.