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Reptiles I

Reptiles I
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noun Gila monster

Translation: monstruo de Gila

Definition of Gila monster in English

Carnivorous lizard of small size, venomous with brown and black scales and irregular spots of pink, yellow, or white, native to North America.

Definition of Gila monster in Spanish

Lagarto carnívoro venenoso de pequeño tamaño y escamas marrones o negras con manchas irregulares de color rosado, amarillo o blanco, natural de América del Norte.

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noun monitor lizard

Translation: varano

Definition of monitor lizard in English

Lizard, typically carnivorous, that has a small head, an elongated snout and neck, thick legs, and a long tail, native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Definition of monitor lizard in Spanish

Lagarto de cabeza pequeña, hocico y cuello alargados, patas gruesas y cola alargada, natural de África, Asia y Oceanía, generalmente carnívoro.

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noun Komodo dragon

Translation: dragón de Komodo

Definition of Komodo dragon in English

Lizard, considered the largest in the world, which is an alpha predator, and has rough scales of brown or reddish gray colour, venomous saliva, and a tail that is as long as its body.

Definition of Komodo dragon in Spanish

Lagarto superpredador considerado el más grande del mundo, de escamas ásperas de color marrón o gris rojizo, saliva venenosa y cola igual de larga que su cuerpo.

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noun crocodile

Translation: cocodrilo

Definition of crocodile in English

Semi-aquatic reptile, carnivorous and of large size, that has thick, green scales, a powerful jaw, and a ferocious demeanor, which typically lives in swampy areas.

Definition of crocodile in Spanish

Reptil carnívoro semiacuático de gran tamaño, gruesas escamas verdosas, mandíbula poderosa y carácter feroz, que suele habitar en zonas pantanosas.

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noun alligator

Translation: caimán

Definition of alligator in English

Carnivorous reptile of the crocodile order, large in size with a wide snout, which inhabits tropical, freshwater environments.

Definition of alligator in Spanish

Reptil carnívoro del orden de los cocodrilos, de gran tamaño y hocico ancho, que habita en entornos tropicales de agua dulce.

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noun sea turtle

Translation: tortuga marina

Definition of sea turtle in English

Turtle of large size with an oval carapace and fins that curve backwards, which lives in salt water and only goes on land to spawn.

Definition of sea turtle in Spanish

Tortuga de gran tamaño, caparazón ovalado y aletas curvadas hacia atrás, que habita en aguas saladas y solo acude a tierra firme para desovar.

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noun tortoise

Translation: tortuga

Definition of tortoise in English

Terrestrial reptile, generally herbivorous, with a bulky and rounded carapace that allows it to defend itself by hiding its head and legs.

Definition of tortoise in Spanish

Reptil terrestre con un caparazón abultado y redondeado que le permite defenderse al esconder la cabeza y las patas, generalmente herbívoro.

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noun terrapin

Translation: galápago

Definition of terrapin in English

Small turtle with a shell that is generally brown with yellow or green markings and webbed hind feet that enable it to swim.

Definition of terrapin in Spanish

Tortuga de pequeño tamaño con caparazón generalmente marrón con manchas amarillas o verdosas y patas palmeadas que le permiten nadar.

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noun Galápagos tortoise

Translation: galápago

Definition of Galápagos tortoise in English

Tortoise of large size, native to the Galápagos Islands and known for its great longevity.

Definition of Galápagos tortoise in Spanish

Tortuga de gran tamaño, natural de las islas Galápagos y conocida por su elevada longevidad.