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Rural Surroundings II

Rural Surroundings II

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n. stable

Definition of stable in English

Covered enclosure designed to house and shelter horses.

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n. barn

Definition of barn in English

Covered enclosure designed to house and shelter livestock.

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n. pigsty

Definition of pigsty in English

Enclosure designed to house pigs.

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n. chicken coop

Definition of chicken coop in English

Covered enclosure designed to house and shelter hens and other birds.

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n. granary

Definition of granary in English

Building, typically made of wood, in which grain is stored.

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n. hórreo

Definition of hórreo in English

Elevated construction that is typical of the northern Iberian Peninsula, designed to store grain and other food.

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n. silo

Definition of silo in English

Vertical structure of large size, typically cylindrical, that is used to store grain, fodder, or similar products.

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n. windmill

Definition of windmill in English

Construction with large blades that harness the power of the wind to grind grain.

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n. watermill

Definition of watermill in English

Construction with a waterwheel that harnesses the energy of moving water to grind grain.

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n. well

Definition of well in English

Deep hole in the ground from which water is extracted.

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n. greenhouse

Definition of greenhouse in English

Closed structure, typically with a ceiling and walls of glass, that has the proper climatic conditions to cultivate plants.

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n. latrine

Definition of latrine in English

Outdoor toilet that consists of a hole and a pit, typically enclosed by an outhouse.