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Semiprecious Stones

Semiprecious Stones

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n. chrysoberyl

Definition of chrysoberyl in English

Translucent gemstone composed of beryllium aluminium oxide that can be brown, green or orange but is most commonly yellow, is characteristically hard and extremely valuable in the jewellery industry.

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n. peridot

Definition of peridot in English

Gemstone composed of magnesium silicate that is the transparent, green variety of olivine.

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n. garnet

Definition of garnet in English

Gemstone that is composed of a group of silicate minerals, can have varying degrees of transparency and exists in a range of colours, most commonly red.

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n. tanzanite

Definition of tanzanite in English

Gemstone that is the translucent, purple-blue variety of zoisite and characteristically displays different colour saturation when viewed at different angles.

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n. topaz

Definition of topaz in English

Gemstone composed of aluminium silicate of which the crystals are naturally large and occur in a variety of colours, the most common being pale yellow, brown, grey and light blue.

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n. aquamarine

Definition of aquamarine in English

Gemstone that is the blue-green variety of beryl and forms perfect hexagonal, totally transparent crystals.

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n. turquoise

Definition of turquoise in English

Opaque gemstone made up of aluminium and copper that is a distinctive blue colour, is porous and has a naturally waxy luster.