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noun settlement

Translation: asentamiento

Definition of settlement in English

Place where a community is established.

Definition of settlement in Spanish

Lugar donde una comunidad se establece.

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noun hamlet

Translation: aldea

Definition of hamlet in English

Rural settlement of small size, typically smaller than a village.

Definition of hamlet in Spanish

Asentamiento rural de pequeño tamaño, menor que un pueblo.

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noun village

Translation: pueblo

Definition of village in English

Rural settlement of small size, larger than a hamlet.

Definition of village in Spanish

Asentamiento rural de pequeño tamaño, mayor que una aldea.

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noun town

Translation: pueblo

Definition of town in English

Urban settlement that is smaller than a city.

Definition of town in Spanish

Población urbana de pequeño tamaño.

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noun city

Translation: ciudad

Definition of city in English

Large urban settlement that has streets and buildings, designed to accomodate a dense population.

Definition of city in Spanish

Conjunto de calles y edificios diseñado para albergar a un gran número de personas.

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noun shanty town

Translation: cinturón de miseria

Definition of shanty town in English

Settlement of poorly constructed housing, typically located on the outskirts of large urban areas, inhabited by people with scarce economic resources.

Definition of shanty town in Spanish

Asentamiento de viviendas de construcción precaria, ubicado generalmente a las afueras de grandes núcleos urbanos y habitado por grupos de personas de escasos recursos económicos.

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noun military camp

Translation: campamento militar

Definition of military camp in English

Temporary settlement of tents or similar shelters, intended to accomodate an army.

Definition of military camp in Spanish

Asentamiento temporal provisto de tiendas de campaña o refugios similares, destinado al alojamiento de un ejército.

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noun campsite

Translation: camping

Definition of campsite in English

Outdoor area in which to spend the night, usually in contact with nature, especially for camping tents or caravans.

Definition of campsite in Spanish

Área al aire libre para pasar la noche, generalmente en contacto con la naturaleza, en especial la destinada a instalar tiendas de campaña o caravanas.