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Shrubs and Other Plants

Shrubs and Other Plants
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noun heather

Translation: brezo

Definition of heather in English

Shrub that has rigid stems and elongated, evergreen leaves, which produces flowers that are mauve or white in colour.

Definition of heather in Spanish

Arbusto de tallos duros y hoja perenne de forma alargada, que produce flores de color malva o blanco.

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noun broom

Translation: retama

Definition of broom in English

Shrub that has multiple, flexible branches and typically lanceolate leaves with clusters of yellow flowers.

Definition of broom in Spanish

Arbusto de tallos resistentes con múltiples ramas flexibles que, generalmente, presenta hojas con forma de punta de lanza y racimos de flores amarillas.

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noun rose bush

Translation: rosal

Definition of rose bush in English

Shrub that has stems with sharp prickles and leaves with serrated edges, which produces roses.

Definition of rose bush in Spanish

Arbusto de tallos generalmente espinosos y hojas aserradas, que produce rosas.

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noun blackberry bush

Translation: zarza

Definition of blackberry bush in English

Shrub that has curved prickles, oval-shaped leaves with serrated edges, and white or pink flowers, which produces blackberries.

Definition of blackberry bush in Spanish

Arbusto provisto de espinas con forma de gancho, hojas aserradas y ovaladas, y flores de color blanco o rosáceo, que produce moras.

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noun grapevine

Translation: vid

Definition of grapevine in English

Climbing plant with a twisted trunk and long branches, lobed leaves that have serrated edges, and elongated clusters of flowers, which produces grapes.

Definition of grapevine in Spanish

Planta trepadora de tronco torcido, ramaje largo, hojas lobuladas y aserradas, y pequeños racimos de flores, que produce uvas.

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noun kiwi plant

Translation: kiwi

Definition of kiwi plant in English

Climbing plant that has rounded leaves, long petioles, and white or yellow flowers, which produces kiwifruits.

Definition of kiwi plant in Spanish

Planta trepadora, con hojas redondeadas de largos pecíolos y flores blancas o amarillas, que produce el fruto del mismo nombre.

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noun ivy

Translation: hiedra

Definition of ivy in English

Climbing plant that has thin, aerial roots, glossy leaves, and greenish-yellow flowers, which produces darkly coloured berries that can be poisonous.

Definition of ivy in Spanish

Planta trepadora con fuertes raíces aéreas en su tallo y ramos, hojas duras y brillantes, flores de un amarillo verdoso y bayas generalmente negruzcas que pueden ser venenosas.

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noun mistletoe

Translation: muérdago

Definition of mistletoe in English

Parasitic plant that grows on a host tree or shrub and has oval-shaped leaves, which produces poisonous, white or red berries.

Definition of mistletoe in Spanish

Planta parásita que crece en árboles o arbustos, presenta hojas ovaladas y produce bayas venenosas blancas o rojas.

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noun liana

Translation: liana

Definition of liana in English

Climbing plant with long, durable stems that grow vertically and entwine or adhere to adjacent surfaces, which tend to dangle from trees.

Definition of liana in Spanish

Planta trepadora de tallos largos y delgados que, para sostenerse, necesitan entrelazarse o apoyarse en una superficie adyacente.

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noun bamboo

Translation: bambú

Definition of bamboo in English

Plant with a light, woody and resistant stem that has distinct nodes, and narrow, oval-shaped leaves.

Definition of bamboo in Spanish

Planta de tallo leñoso, ligero y resistente, con nudos diferenciados, que presenta hojas alargadas, estrechas y ovaladas.