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Sports Venue Objects

Sports Venue Objects
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noun stand

Translation: grada

Definition of stand in English

Structure consisting of tiered rows of seats.

Definition of stand in Spanish

Estructura formada por filas escalonadas de asientos.

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noun seat

Translation: asiento

Definition of seat in English

Object or place that is designed for a person to sit down.

Definition of seat in Spanish

Objeto o lugar diseñado para que una persona se siente.

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noun scoreboard

Translation: marcador

Definition of scoreboard in English

Panel on which the points of a competition are noted and displayed. .

Definition of scoreboard in Spanish

Tablero para anotar los tantos de una competición.

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noun public address system

Translation: megafonía

Definition of public address system in English

System of sound amplification that is used to broadcast messages over large areas.

Definition of public address system in Spanish

Sistema de amplificación de sonido que permite la difusión de mensajes a lo largo de grandes áreas.

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noun spotlight

Translation: foco

Definition of spotlight in English

Electric lamp that provides intense and focused light, commonly used in showbusiness.

Definition of spotlight in Spanish

Lámpara eléctrica que proporciona una luz muy intensa, generalmente concentrada en un punto, común en el mundo del espectáculo.

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noun podium

Translation: podio

Definition of podium in English

Platform on which prize-winners, speakers and orchestra conductors stand before an audience.

Definition of podium in Spanish

Plataforma en que se colocan los ganadores de premios, oradores y directores de orquesta frente a una audiencia.

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noun flag

Translation: bandera

Definition of flag in English

Piece of fabric that is typically secured to a pole, whose colours and design have representational or symbolic meaning.

Definition of flag in Spanish

Pieza de tela, generalmente asegurada a un asta, cuyos colores y diseño representan o simbolizan algo.

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noun flagpole

Translation: mástil

Definition of flagpole in English

Post that is used to support and display a flag.

Definition of flagpole in Spanish

Palo que sirve para sostener y exhibir una bandera.