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Personas deporte

Personas deporte
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n. sportsperson

Translation: deportista

Definition of sportsperson in English

Person who practises a certain sport.

Definition of sportsperson in Spanish

Persona que practica algún deporte.

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n. player

Translation: jugador

Definition of player in English

Person who participates in a game.

Definition of player in Spanish

Persona que participa en un juego.

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n. athlete

Translation: atleta

Definition of athlete in English

Sportsperson who practises the sport of athletics.

Definition of athlete in Spanish

Deportista que practica el atletismo.

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n. runner

Translation: corredor

Definition of runner in English

Sportsperson who runs to train or compete in races.

Definition of runner in Spanish

Deportista que corre para entrenar o compite en carreras.

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n. cheerleader

Translation: animador

Definition of cheerleader in English

Person who encourages a crowd to show support for a team at a sports event, often through dance or acrobatic routines and chants.

Definition of cheerleader in Spanish

Persona que alienta al público de un evento deportivo para apoyar a un equipo, generalmente con bailes, piruetas o cantos.

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n. basketball player

Translation: jugador de baloncesto

Definition of basketball player in English

Sportsperson who plays basketball.

Definition of basketball player in Spanish

Deportista que juega al baloncesto.

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n. tennis player

Translation: tenista

Definition of tennis player in English

Sportsperson who plays tennis.

Definition of tennis player in Spanish

Deportista que juega al tenis.

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n. cyclist

Translation: ciclista

Definition of cyclist in English

Person who rides a bicycle.

Definition of cyclist in Spanish

Persona que monta en bicicleta.

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n. golfer

Translation: golfista

Definition of golfer in English

Sportsperson who plays golf.

Definition of golfer in Spanish

Deportista que juega al golf.