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n. examination table

Definition of examination table in English

Flat, elevated structure with a stationary support on which patients lie for medical evaluation.

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n. gurney

Definition of gurney in English

Mattress on a wheeled frame that is used to transport or treat recumbent patients.

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n. wheelchair

Definition of wheelchair in English

Chair that is mounted on wheels, typically two in the front and two, larger ones in the rear which is designed to transport an occupant with reduced mobility.

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n. crutch

Definition of crutch in English

Support that is designed to increase the mobility of an injured person or one who has difficulty walking.

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n. axillary crutch

Definition of axillary crutch in English

Crutch that is designed to rest just below the armpit and hold with the hand in the middle.

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n. forearm crutch

Definition of forearm crutch in English

Crutch that is equipped with a handle and a support for the lower arm.

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n. cane

Definition of cane in English

Pole that is gripped and used as a walking support.

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n. walker

Definition of walker in English

Structure with four legs, used as a walking support.