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Surgical Material

Surgical Material

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n. latex glove

Definition of latex glove in English

Glove that is made of a light, elastic material, designed to avoid skin contact when handling materials.

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n. surgical mask

Definition of surgical mask in English

Fabric that covers the nose and mouth, intended to prevent the transmission of pathogens.

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n. laboratory coat

Definition of laboratory coat in English

Knee-length garment with long sleeves that closes in the front, typically white and worn by laboratory personal over their clothing for protection.

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n. scalpel

Definition of scalpel in English

Small medical instrument that consists of a sharp, pointed blade and a handle, used to make incisions.

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n. scissors

Definition of scissors in English

Metal cutting instrument, which consists of a pair of pivoted metal blades.

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n. tweezers

Definition of tweezers in English

Small utensil consisting of two elongated, thin pieces of metal that are joined at one end, used to grasp fine objects, such as hairs and splinters.

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n. obstetrical forceps

Definition of obstetrical forceps in English

Instrument that is similar to pliers, used to extract a fetus during delivery in certain cases.

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n. laparoscope

Definition of laparoscope in English

Medical instrument consisting of a small camera and fiber optic cable system, used to view the interior of the abdomen.

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n. solution

Definition of solution in English

Mixture of nutrients and water that is administered for the maintenance of tissue health as part of a treatment.