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Tree Parts

Tree Parts

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n. tree

Definition of tree in English

Plant that has a wooden trunk and branches.

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n. crown

Definition of crown in English

Upper part of a tree, which consists of branches and foilage.

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n. fruit

Definition of fruit in English

Plant organ that is produced from the fertilized ovary of a flower, which consists of a seed or seeds and a protective pericarp.

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n. leaf

Definition of leaf in English

Plant organ that is typically flat and grows from a stem or petiole, which performs photosynthesis and transpiration.

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n. root

Definition of root in English

Leafless plant organ that grows away from the stem, which absorbs nutrients and typically anchors the plant in the soil.

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n. trunk

Definition of trunk in English

Principal, wooden stem of a tree.

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n. branch

Definition of branch in English

Woody plant structure that grows from a tree trunk or the base of a shrub.

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n. twig

Definition of twig in English

Small branch of a tree or shrub.

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n. sap

Definition of sap in English

Fluid that circulates through the vascular system of a plant, which carries nutrients and water.

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n. stump

Definition of stump in English

Rooted portion of a tree trunk that remains after the tree has been cut down.