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Types of Cheese

Types of Cheese

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n. cheese

Definition of cheese in English

Dairy product that is prepared through a process of curdling, draining, pressing and curing milk.

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n. cured cheese

Definition of cured cheese in English

Cheese that has undergone a four to seven month curing process, dry and fatty with a strong flavour.

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n. fresh cheese

Definition of fresh cheese in English

Soft cheese made from pasteurised milk that has not undergone a maturation process, resulting in a high whey content and a smooth, slightly bitter flavour.

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n. blue cheese

Definition of blue cheese in English

Cheese made with cow, goat or ewe’s milk that has blue or greyish streaks of mould, characterised by its strong smell and taste.

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n. Brie cheese

Definition of Brie cheese in English

Soft cheese made of cow´s milk, white in colour with a creamy texture and a strong flavour, which is named for its orignary region in France.

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n. Edam cheese

Definition of Edam cheese in English

Cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, of firm consistency and yellowish colour, traditionally produced as a sphere covered in red or yellow wax, and named after the Dutch city from which it comes.

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n. Gouda cheese

Definition of Gouda cheese in English

Cheese made of pasteurised cow´s milk, of semi-hard consistency and yellowish in colour, named for its originary city in the Netherlands.

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n. Swiss cheese

Definition of Swiss cheese in English

Soft cheese with multiple holes, made from whole cow's milk, that has a hard, yellowish rind and a mild flavor.

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n. mozzarella cheese

Definition of mozzarella cheese in English

Italian fresh cheese, typically made of buffalo or cow´s milk, which has a fibrous texture and is principally consumed on pizza or salad.