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Types of Homes II

Types of Homes II
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noun palace

Translation: palacio

Definition of palace in English

Official residence of a monarch or other high dignitary, typically very large and lavishly decorated.

Definition of palace in Spanish

Residencia oficial de un monarca u otro alto dignatario, generalmente muy grande y suntuosamente decorada.

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noun mansion

Translation: mansión

Definition of mansion in English

Extraordinarily large and luxurious house.

Definition of mansion in Spanish

Casa de extraordinario tamaño y lujo.

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noun castle

Translation: castillo

Definition of castle in English

Fortified building of large size, inhabited by nobility in the Middle Ages.

Definition of castle in Spanish

Edificio fortificado de gran tamaño, habitado por la nobleza en la Edad Media.

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noun tent

Translation: tienda de campaña

Definition of tent in English

Portable shelter of resistant fabric that is stretched on a frame of poles and secured to the ground.

Definition of tent in Spanish

Refugio portátil de tela resistente que se estira sobre una estructura de postes o varillas y se asegura en el suelo.

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noun tipi

Translation: tipi

Definition of tipi in English

Conical tent originating in Native American culture.

Definition of tipi in Spanish

Tienda de campaña de forma cónica, originaria de la cultura nativa americana.

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noun hut

Translation: choza

Definition of hut in English

Small dwelling of simple design, made of raw materials.

Definition of hut in Spanish

Vivienda pequeña de construcción sencilla y realizada con materiales poco trabajados.

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noun palafitte

Translation: palafito

Definition of palafitte in English

Dwelling built on wooden posts at the edge of still waters.

Definition of palafitte in Spanish

Vivienda construida sobre postes de madera a la orilla de aguas tranquilas.

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noun igloo

Translation: iglú

Definition of igloo in English

Dome-shaped dwelling made of packed snow, commonly associated with the Eskimo people.

Definition of igloo in Spanish

Vivienda construida con nieve compacta y asociada comúnmente a los esquimales.