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Types of Homes II

Types of Homes II

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n. palace

Definition of palace in English

Official residence of a monarch or other high dignitary, typically very large and lavishly decorated.

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n. mansion

Definition of mansion in English

Extraordinarily large and luxurious house.

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n. castle

Definition of castle in English

Fortified building of large size, inhabited by nobility in the Middle Ages.

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n. tent

Definition of tent in English

Portable shelter made of resistent fabric that is assembled as provisional outdoor accomodation.

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n. tipi

Definition of tipi in English

Conical tent originating in Native American culture.

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n. hut

Definition of hut in English

Small dwelling of simple design, made of raw materials.

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n. palafitte

Definition of palafitte in English

Dwelling built on wooden posts at the edge of still waters.

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n. igloo

Definition of igloo in English

Dome-shaped dwelling made of packed snow, commonly associated with the Eskimo people.