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Types of Medicines II

Types of Medicines II

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n. pill

Definition of pill in English

Small, solid dose of medication, designed for oral administration.

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n. tablet

Definition of tablet in English

Small, solid dose of compacted, medicinal powder.

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n. dragée

Definition of dragée in English

Tablet that is covered in a pleasantly flavoured substance, typically round.

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n. capsule

Definition of capsule in English

Tablet that is comprised of medicinal powder contained in a hardened casing.

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n. ampoule

Definition of ampoule in English

Small, sealed vial, typically made of glass, which contains a dose of liquid.

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n. effervescent tablet

Definition of effervescent tablet in English

Tablet that dissolves and releases bubbles when placed in water.

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n. proton-pump inhibitor

Definition of proton-pump inhibitor in English

Drug that reduces gastric production of hydrochloric acid.

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n. placebo

Definition of placebo in English

Substance without medicinal components that can produce positive effects if its efficacy is believed and its composition is unknown.

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n. pill box

Definition of pill box in English

Small case that is designed to store and transport pills.