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Types of coats

Types of coats

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n. coat

Definition of coat in English

Sleeved, outer garment that covers the torso from neck to thigh and fastens down the front, made of warm material.

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n. anorak

Definition of anorak in English

Hooded coat that is made of waterproof fabric.

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n. down jacket

Definition of down jacket in English

Lightweight, quilted coat stuffed with insulating real or synthetic feathers.

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n. parka

Definition of parka in English

Raincoat lined with real or synthetic fur.

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n. duffel coat

Definition of duffel coat in English

Short, hooded coat which fastens with toggle buttons.

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n. jacket

Definition of jacket in English

Outer jacket which hugs the waist, made of insulating material.

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n. trench coat

Definition of trench coat in English

Long coat which has closeable lapels, generally two sets of buttons and a belt, made of a lightweight insulating material.

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n. poncho

Definition of poncho in English

Outer garment consisting of a knitted rectangular fabric which has an opening for the head, made of thick, usually waterproofed wool, originally from South America.

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n. cape

Definition of cape in English

Sleeveless outer garment which covers the back and leaves the front of the body uncovered, generally with a clasp at the neck.

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n. raincoat

Definition of raincoat in English

Hooded jacket made of material proofed against water and dampness.