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Wild Animals

Wild Animals

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n. dolphin

Definition of dolphin in English

Carnivorous cetacean, toothed and of medium size, between 2 and 9 m (6-30 ft) in length, that has has an elongated snout, typically grey skin, great intelligence, and a friendly nature, which uses echolocation to sense its surroundings.

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n. whale

Definition of whale in English

Carnivorous cetacean that includes several species, generally large, with teeth or baleen plates, and one or two blowholes on the top of the cranium.

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n. elephant

Definition of elephant in English

Herbivorous mammal, known for being the world's largest, that has a long trunk, wide ears, and ivory tusks, endemic to Africa and Asia.

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n. giraffe

Definition of giraffe in English

Tall, ruminant mammal that has a yellow coat with large brown spots and an extremely long neck, endemic to Africa.

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n. lion

Definition of lion in English

Feline alpha predator of large size with fur that is typically reddish-yellow in colour and whose male presents a large mane, endemic to Africa.

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n. wolf

Definition of wolf in English

Carnivorous canid of large size that has two layers of fur and a strong sense of smell, known for its howl and pack hunting.

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n. fox

Definition of fox in English

Canid of medium size with thick, reddish fur, pointed ears, and a bushy tail with a white tip.

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n. rat

Definition of rat in English

Rodent, between 32 and 46 cm in length, that typically has dark gray fur, an elongated snout, and a long tail, known to inhabit the sewers.

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n. mouse

Definition of mouse in English

Omnivorous rodent, approximately 10 cm in length, that has grey, brown, or white fur, a pointed face, and a long tail.

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n. tortoise

Definition of tortoise in English

Terrestrial reptile, generally herbivorous, with a bulky and rounded carapace that allows it to defend itself by hiding its head and legs.