How do you say alarm in Spanish?

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n. alarm

Translation: despertador

Definition of alarm in English

Clock that is programmed to emit a noise at a certain time in order to awaken a sleeping person or as a reminder.

Synonyms of alarm in English

alarm clock

Definition of alarm in Spanish

Reloj que se programa para emitir sonidos a una hora determinada para despertar a alguien o avisarle de algo.

Synonyms of alarm in Spanish

reloj despertador

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n. fire alarm

Translation: alarma antiincendios

Definition of fire alarm in English

Device that emits a warning sound when activated, which is designed to alert building occupants in the case of a fire.

Definition of fire alarm in Spanish

Aparato que emite un sonido de alarma al activarse, diseñado para alertar a los ocupantes de un edificio en caso de incendio.

Synonyms of fire alarm in Spanish

alarma contra incendiosalarma de incendiosalarma antiincendioalarma contra incendioalarma de incendioalarma antincendioalarma antincendios