How do you say alligator in Spanish?

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n. alligator

Translation: caimán

Definition of alligator in English

Carnivorous reptile of the crocodile order, large in size with a wide snout, which inhabits tropical, freshwater environments.

Synonyms of alligator in English


Definition of alligator in Spanish

Reptil carnívoro del orden de los cocodrilos, de gran tamaño y hocico ancho, que habita en entornos tropicales de agua dulce.

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n. alligator pear

Translation: aguacate

Definition of alligator pear in English

Edible fruit of medium size and oval shape, which has greenish skin and yellowish-green flesh with a large pit.

Synonyms of alligator pear in English

avocadoavocado pear

Definition of alligator pear in Spanish

Fruto comestible de tamaño medio, forma ovalada y piel verdosa, cuya pulpa es amarilla verdosa y contiene un hueso de gran tamaño.