How do you say amniotic in Spanish?

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adj. amniotic

Translation: amniótico

Definition of amniotic in English

Relating to the amnion.

Definition of amniotic in Spanish

Que está relacionado con el amnios.

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n. amniotic fluid

Translation: líquido amniótico

Definition of amniotic fluid in English

Transparent liquid, yellowish in colour, that is contained by the amniotic sac, surrounding and protecting the embryo or foetus.

Definition of amniotic fluid in Spanish

Líquido transparente de color amarillento contenido en el saco amniótico, que rodea y protege al embrión o feto.

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n. amniotic sac

Translation: saco amniótico

Definition of amniotic sac in English

Cover comprised of two membranes that protect the embryo inside the uterus, formed on the eigth or ninth day after fertilisation.

Definition of amniotic sac in Spanish

Cubierta formada por dos membranas que protege al embrión dentro del útero desde el octavo o noveno día a partir de la fecundación.

Synonyms of amniotic sac in Spanish

bolsa de aguasamnios