What does avestruces mean in English?

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n. avestruces (avestruz)

Translation: ostrich

Definition of avestruz in English

Ave no voladora herbívora de gran tamaño, entre 2 y 3 m (6 ft 7 in-9 ft 10 in) de altura, conocida por ser la más grande del mundo, de plumaje negro o gris parduzco, alas cortas, patas y cuello largos, con dos dedos en cada pie y natural de África.

Definition of avestruz in Spanish

Fightless and herbivorous bird of large size, between 2 and 3 m tall (6 ft 7 in-9 ft 10 in), known to be the largest in the world, with black and gray plumage, short wings, long legs and neck, and two toes on each foot, endemic to Africa.