What does babosa mean in English?

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n. babosa

Translation: slug

Definition of babosa in English

Molusco omnívoro terrestre de cuerpo alargado, dos antenas inferiores y dos superiores sobre las que se ubican los ojos, que segrega baba para desplazarse.

Synonyms of babosa in English


Definition of babosa in Spanish

Terrestrial mollusk, omnivorous with an elongated body, that has two lower tentacles and two upper tentacles, on which the eyes are located, and secretes mucus for mobility.

Synonyms of babosa in Spanish

land slug

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adj. babosa (baboso)

Translation: drooling

Definition of baboso in English

Que segrega saliva de forma que le cae de la boca.

Definition of baboso in Spanish

Secreting saliva that falls from the mouth.

Synonyms of baboso in Spanish