How do you say border in Spanish?

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n. border

Translation: borde

Definition of border in English

Outer limit of a surface.

Synonyms of border in English


Definition of border in Spanish

Extremo de una superficie.

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n. border collie

Translation: border collie

Definition of border collie in English

Dog breed between 48 and 53 cm (19-21 in) tall, which has a long, thick, straight coat that is generally black with white markings on the face and body, a long muzzle and tail, and was originally bred on the Anglo-Scottish border.

Definition of border collie in Spanish

Raza de perro de entre 48 y 53 cm (19-21 in) de altura, que posee un pelaje tupido, largo y liso, generalmente negro con partes blancas en la cara y el cuerpo, un hocico alargado y una cola larga, criada originalmente en la frontera anglo-escocesa.

Synonyms of border collie in Spanish

collie de la fronteracollie fronterizo