What does camisa mean in English?

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n. camisa

Translation: button up shirt

Definition of camisa in English

Prenda que cubre el torso, generalmente con cuello y manga larga, abotonada en la delantera y en los puños.

Definition of camisa in Spanish

Garment that covers the torso, usually with a collar and long sleeves, and buttoned at the front and cuffs.

Synonyms of camisa in Spanish

dress shirtbutton shirtbutton-frontbutton-front shirt

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n. camisa de béisbol

Translation: baseball jersey

Definition of camisa de béisbol in English

Camisa holgada, de manga corta y sin cuello, utilizada para jugar al béisbol.

Definition of camisa de béisbol in Spanish

Jersey that is worn to play baseball, loose-fitting and short-sleeved with a number on the back.