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noun orca

Translation: killer whale

Definition of orca in Spanish

Cetáceo dentado superpredador de tamaño mediano, entre 5 y 9 m (16 ft 5 in-29 ft 6 in) de longitud, dorso negro con dos manchas blancas y vientre blanco, que utiliza ecolocalización para conocer su entorno.

Synonyms of orca in Spanish

ballena asesina

Definition of orca in English

Cetacean alpha predator, toothed and of medium size, between 5 and 9 m (16 ft 5 in-29 ft 6 in) long, that has a black dorsum with two white marks and a white underside, and uses echolocation to sense its surroundings.

Synonyms of orca in English

killer whale

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