What does perritos mean in English?

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n. perritos (perrito)

Translation: puppy

Definition of perrito in English

Cría del perro.

Synonyms of perrito in English


Definition of perrito in Spanish

Young dog.

Synonyms of perrito in Spanish


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n. perritos de la pradera (perrito de la pradera)

Translation: prairie dog

Definition of perrito de la pradera in English

Roedor herbívoro de la familia de ardilla, de entre 30 y 40 cm de longitud, pelaje de color pardo y fuertes garras que le permiten excavar sus madrigueras, natural de América del Norte y América Central.

Synonyms of perrito de la pradera in English

perro de la pradera

Definition of perrito de la pradera in Spanish

Herbivorous rodent of the squirrel family, between 20 and 40 centimetres in length, with tawny fur and strong claws for burrowing, native to North and Central America.