What does picamaderos mean in English?

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n. picamaderos

Translation: woodpecker

Definition of picamaderos in English

Ave voladora y trepadora insectívora de entre 15 y 60 cm de longitud, pico fuerte y puntiagudo, y plumaje generalmente de color negro, rojo y blanco, que pica la corteza de los árboles para encontrar alimento.

Synonyms of picamaderos in English

pájaro carpinteropicapinospitopicatroncospicochupasaviascarpintero

Definition of picamaderos in Spanish

Insectivorous flying bird between 15 and 60 centimetres in length that typically has black, red and white plumage, and a strong, sharp beak with which it pecks tree bark to find food.