What does piramidales mean in English?

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n. huesos piramidales (hueso piramidal)

Translation: triquetral bone

Definition of hueso piramidal in English

Pequeño hueso con forma de pirámide, localizado en el extremo lateral de la fila proximal del carpo.

Definition of hueso piramidal in Spanish

Small, pyramid-shaped bone, located at the medial end of the proximal row of the carpus.

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adj. piramidales (piramidal)

Translation: pyramidal

Definition of piramidal in English

Que tiene la forma del cuerpo geométrico que consta de una base plana unida a un vértice mediante varios planos triangulares.

Definition of piramidal in Spanish

Having a geometrical shape that consists of a flat base joined to a vertex by three or more flat, triangular surfaces.