What does pita mean in English?

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n. pita

Translation: agave

Definition of pita in English

Planta suculenta de hojas carnosas que crecen alrededor de un tallo corto y presentan espinas oscuras en sus bordes.

Synonyms of pita in English


Definition of pita in Spanish

Succulent plant with thick, spiny, and lanceolate leaves that grow helically around a short stem.

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v. pita (pitar)

Translation: whistle

Definition of pitar in English

Emitir un sonido intenso y agudo colocando los dedos en la boca para protestar o mostrar disconformidad.

Synonyms of pitar in English


Definition of pitar in Spanish

To emit a shrill, high-pitched sound by placing the fingers in the mouth and exhaling sharply, performed to signal protest or disagreement.

Synonyms of pitar in Spanish

finger whistle